Summer of Code

Hello, everyone!

I’ve decided to reinstate this blog since I’ve got accepted to this year’s Google Summer of Code program. I’ll blog about my updates, stuff that I’ve been working on and bottlenecks and problems I’ve encountered.

My project is a pastebin site using diagrams and GHCJS to generate embeddable interactive widgets and static images/text in case when the pasted code does not require additional interaction. My mentor is Luite Stegeman, and Brent Yorgey and other nice people from the diagrams community has agreed to help.

I am very excited about this and happy that I’ve got a whole bunch of smart people to help me with this.

Unfortunately, as we haven’t sorted out a completely safe way to evaluate code coming from 3rd parties, there is no public version hosted anywhere yet. Meanwhile, there is a project on GitHub.

Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to publish a post about my experience with bootstrapping GHCJS.
Until then, stay tuned!


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