ANN: restricted-workers-0.1.0

Introducing: restricted-workers library, version 0.1.0.

This library provides an abstract interface for running various kinds of workers under resource restrictions. It is being developed as part of the interactive-diagrams project and you can read more about the origins of the library in my GSoC report:

The library provides a convenient way of running worker processes, saving data obtained by the workers at start-up, a simple pool abstraction and a configurable security and resource limitations.

Right now there are several kinds of security restrictions that could be applied to the worker process:

  • RLimits
  • chroot jail
  • custom process euid
  • cgroups
  • process niceness
  • SELinux security context

You can read more about the library on the wiki:

The library has been uploaded to hackage and you can install it using cabal-install.


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