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ANN: scotty-hastache 0.2

The scotty-hastache library has been updating, following the introduction of the custom exception types in Scotty. Custom exception types (as opposed to plain-text exception mechanism that was previously employed in Scotty) is a more powerful way of handling exceptional situation; an example usage can be found here. Below are the appropriate release notes for scotty-hastache


Keeping up with the Scotty 0.6 updating. The introduction of the custom exception types is reflected in the scotty-hastache package as well. The main types are now polymorphic over an exception type

type ScottyH e = ScottyT e HState
type ActionH e = ActionT e HState

In addition, the specialized (to Text) types and runners are introduced

type ScottyH' = ScottyH Text
type ActionH' = ActionH Text
scottyH'     :: Port -> ScottyH' () -> IO ()
scottyHOpts' :: Options -> ScottyH' () -> IO ()

Thanks to Kirill Zaborsky for pointing out the incompatibility with 0.6.

As always, the scotty-hastache library is available on Hackage and on GitHub

Announcing scotty-hastache

I am happy to announce the first release of the scotty-hastache library. The purpose of this library is to use the light templating language Mustache together with the Scotty web framework. This is done by enriching the ActionM DSL with additional commands.

Example code:

{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
module Main where

import Text.Hastache
import Web.Scotty.Trans as S
import Web.Scotty.Hastache

main :: IO ()
main = scottyH 3000 $ do
  setTemplatesDir "templates"
  -- ^ Setting up the director with templates
  get "/:word" $ do
    beam <- param "word"
    setH "action" $ MuVariable (beam :: String)
    -- ^ "action" will be binded to the contents of 'beam'
    hastache "greet.html"

This is possible due to the recent changes introduced into the latest scotty-0.5 release, in particular the switch to monad transformers. You can read the scotty-0.5 release notes here.

The scotty-hastache library is available on Hackage and on GitHub